Earth + Gaia + You = GaiaSpherian

It sounds alien right? Well you are currently an Anthropocene man living a destructive lifestyle that is destroying the planet that sustains us, much like a hostile alien would. The GaiaSpherian philosophy is simple.

Gaia: Millions self regulating interacting systems that sustain & allow life that  evolves to live in balance within it


Sphere: The physical planet Earth


The Gaiasphere

Gaiaspherians, as distinct from Anthropocene man live in harmony with these principles so as to keep these systems in balance.

Consider this: By burning fossil fuels each person in the developed world  is melting 3 car interiors full of ice per year…..times 1 billion cars… don’t have to be Einstein to work out that is unsustainable.

So the governments of the world are going to save us….right?


They sign the Paris Accord with one hand and fossil fuel exploitation deals with the other.

The Paris accord. Its political fiction. For instance it presumes the Greenland ice sheet is stable…..its in fact gone from losing 34 Gigatonnes per year to 215 in just ten years….that’s an exponential rise.

It aims is to keep the worlds temperature rise to 1.5C. Coral reefs can only tolerate a 1C rise. They are already bleaching worldwide.  A massive ecosystem being both cooked and dissolved like sugar cubes by ocean acidity. This is only one example of how ridiculous it is.

We are on our own. We must become Gaiaspherians and force the changes that are required to bring us back into harmony with the systems that supports us and all living creatures.

Steel yourself for the fight for life on this planet as we know it. The sixth mass extinction is well underway…….and Anthropocene mans  DNA is all over it.



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