CSIRO membrane



I have long been interested in Azane is as a logical green energy carrier but it is not as simple as just producing an alternative fuel source…. or it will just be in addition to the 90 million barrels of oil per day we currently consume;

+ First take the technology to the hydrocarbon producers…not the end user, that is taking the putting the cart in front of the horse.
+ For every barrel of oil they lock underground and DON’T produce they get the right to produce a barrel of ammonia through solar for a return similar to what they make from crude
+ The government’s of the receiving countries tax the solar cleaved ammonia (Azane) at the same rates as petrol and it goes through the same fossil fuel distribution channels ….the same vested interests who would try and scuttle the use of Azane would then support it
+ The oxygen from the electrolysis process is collected and compressed and injected into the engine to displace the inert nitrogen in the air making up for it’s lower energy density than diesel and petrol and possibly be used to keep the ammonia pressurised with the use of an inert buffer gas such as nitrogen.
+ The desert solar PV farms could surround a concentrated solar complex where the heat is used in a combined cycle high temperature electrolysis and symbiotic Haber Bosch process in the receiving tower, eliminating some of the inefficiencies in two of the four steps.
+ Excess heat/electricity is simply stored in fire bricks during the day and water pumped through and gasified at night to keep the process going 24/7.
+ Recent auctions solar PV farm take off rates in Saudi Arabia have been lower than USD 2c per KWH….insanely cheap!

Why just sell a membrane when you can licence a whole integrated process that governments, oil co’s and fossil fuel exporters will enforce?

The end game is you eliminate the powerful inertia of governments and fossil fuel industry to completely eliminating the use of fossil fuels in a hurry….in comming decades our species will be lucky to survive the Co2 we have already released….last time I looked all politicians, oil barons, Arab Sheikhs and even Putin had kids too.


Earth + Gaia + You = GaiaSpherian

It sounds alien right? Well you are currently an Anthropocene man living a destructive lifestyle that is destroying the planet that sustains us, much like a hostile alien would. The GaiaSpherian philosophy is simple.

Gaia: Millions self regulating interacting systems that sustain & allow life that  evolves to live in balance within it


Sphere: The physical planet Earth


The Gaiasphere

Gaiaspherians, as distinct from Anthropocene man live in harmony with these principles so as to keep these systems in balance.

Consider this: By burning fossil fuels each person in the developed world  is melting 3 car interiors full of ice per year…..times 1 billion cars…..you don’t have to be Einstein to work out that is unsustainable.

So the governments of the world are going to save us….right?


They sign the Paris Accord with one hand and fossil fuel exploitation deals with the other.

The Paris accord. Its political fiction. For instance it presumes the Greenland ice sheet is stable…..its in fact gone from losing 34 Gigatonnes per year to 215 in just ten years….that’s an exponential rise.

It aims is to keep the worlds temperature rise to 1.5C. Coral reefs can only tolerate a 1C rise. They are already bleaching worldwide.  A massive ecosystem being both cooked and dissolved like sugar cubes by ocean acidity. This is only one example of how ridiculous it is.

We are on our own. We must become Gaiaspherians and force the changes that are required to bring us back into harmony with the systems that supports us and all living creatures.

Steel yourself for the fight for life on this planet as we know it. The sixth mass extinction is well underway…….and Anthropocene mans  DNA is all over it.